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Refund/Cancellation policy

Should you wish to cancel your website contract we will cancel your Content Management System licence fee immediately, provided we receive cancellation in writing by email, fax or letter more than 5 working days prior to the contract renewal date.

Cancellations received in writing less than 5 working days prior to contact renewal may still be charged the fee for the following contractual term.

Hosting Plan Refund Policy

Limeshot does not refund payments for sites that have been cancelled.  Once yearly hosting has been paid upfront you are only permitted to upgrade, downgrade or cancel. However refunds or credits will not be granted should the billing period not be reached.

When upgrading a site from Trial to Live, it is important to correctly choose the billing plan (eg monthly or annual), the site type (eg Mini, Super etc) & the correct site (eg ensure if you have more than 1 site with the same name, you upgrade the correct site). Please be aware that if you cancel your site (through the sites admin or directly through us) or downgrade, there is no refund or credit on the annual or monthly payment made.

Transfer Hosting Fees from one Site to a different Site Policy

If you have a site which has been upgraded from Trial to Live & is being billed, the invoicing from this site is not transferrable to another site if this initial site is no longer required. In this case you would need to cancel this site. We confirm that any paid invoices for this cancelled site are not available as a refund, credit or transfer to another site.

This policy also applies to any new Trial site that has been built to replace an existing client site on the CMS platform. Once again the invoicing is not transferrable between sites whether it is the same site for the same client or a totally different site. In this case you would need to cancel the old site via and upgrade the new site to Live as required. This policy applies both for sites setup on monthly or annual billing.

Therefore, the procedure would be for you to backup your existing paid site & upload the new trial site, into the paid site that you currently have. If you require assistance with this process, please submit a case to our Support Technical Team via the Support tab.